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to validating startups

We focus on 10 key areas we believe correlate with success for B4T companies.


  1. Relationships: Businesses are built based on genuine relationships built on trust. Trust is built over-time through serving, listening, and demonstrating reliability and results.

  2. Team: We believe entrepreneurs are most successful when they have co-founders that carry the burden of the business with them.

  3. Validated Problem (pain): Ideation starts with a hypothesis about a problem and pain that customers are living with. Sustainable businesses solve real problems. 

  4. Customer Development: Problems and pain must be validated by real customers. We want to see 20 customer interviews that validate the pain. 

  5. MVP Feedback: Getting feedback on a potential solution to the problem with minimal cost and effort invested is critical to not waste time and built the product or service your customers want to buy.

  6. Revenue Stream: How can you sustainably build your product or service and make money while doing it? How can you demonstrate early revenue as proof of providing real value?

  7. Funding & Sustainability: Beyond startup capital, what is your businesses path to being self-sustaining and profitable (including being debt free)?

  8. Cultural Relevance: Understanding and honoring the culture we’re entering is key to discovering and creating relevant value for the people. 

  9. Job Creation: What jobs are you creating and how can your business help develop skills in the workforce that are needed for those jobs?

  10. Honoring God: How is every part of your business, values and behaviors honoring God and aligning to the timeless business principles found in His Scripture.

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