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Massively Expanded 2021 B4T Investment Market Study

In this year’s 2021 B4T Investment Market Study, Pragma is proud to share that we have expanded the coverage from just 22 funds to a whopping 53 funds.

Download the report: 2021 B4T Investment Market Study

In this study, we show funds as “sources of potential capital” for B4T companies in the broader sense, even if a centrally managed fund isn’t present. This increases the potential for B4T companies to get the help they need and meet a wider range of investors in the process. These could be pitch events, platforms, networks, or angel groups, and the like.

Another major improvement to this year’s study is the addition of the Geographic Focus section, designed to help companies in a particular region narrow their focus of investor conversations. This also helps investors align to put their capital to work in areas of the world they feel drawn to invest in. See the East & Southeast Asia section below.

As we publish this report, we can’t help but mention two new major platforms that will undoubtedly stitch together the ecosystem in a stronger way. The Faith Driven Investor Marketplace is a deal-centric platform backed by loads of content and community for entrepreneurs, capacity builders and investors. Also, BAM Global has launched BGlobal.Community as a network specific to the BAM audience complete with sub groups, resources, events, and messaging.subgroups

There is so much momentum building we can hardly contain ourselves.

In case you haven't yet, download the 2021 B4T Investment Market Study and prayerfully read through the analysis.

As always with this report, we will miss out on certain funds and occasionally need to adjust the analysis with continued feedback from you, our Pragma community. Don’t hesitate to let us know about new funds, or adjustments that should be considered by emailing

Here’s to another year of seeing God’s glory made great among the nations through business.

The Pragma Advisor Team

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