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Pragma Groups

Meet and collaborate with like-minded advisors and investors, committed to serving B4T companies.

The 5


we make to each other and to the companies we serve.

We commit to:

  1. Maintain an active posture: I will take an active posture in finding and pursuing B4T businesses to proactively serve.

  2. Invest meaningful time: I commit to investing meaningful time and or money into at least one business in our focus area to see it succeed.

  3. Relationships first: I will prioritize building relationships with my fellow pragma advisors and with the companies I serve.

  4. Seek transformation: I will prioritize seeing God’s kingdom be tangibly felt through jobs created, customers served and disciples of Jesus made.

  5. Be wise and resourceful: I commit to being wise about confidential information and share the resources of my network to benefit the companies we serve.

Pragma Groups meet quarterly.


We want to leave enough room in your busy schedule to spend time with companies themselves.   

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